Dear Crestview Families:


In these unprecedented times, with no roadmap, the Crestview Athletic Department and Crestview Schools will take every needed precaution to protect the safety of all children and staff. We have been working on protocols with limited state guidance; however, we have very good guidance from the Columbiana County  Board of Health. The AD’s in our four-county Athletic Conference  have been wrestling with how to handle a variety of circumstances and questions. One question that arose today was what do we do with an athlete that just returned from a vacation that was in a hot spot of COVID Activity? Our Athletic Department heard a variety of responses from other schools that range from self-quarantine, to mandatory testing, to nothing. After speaking with the Columbiana Board of Health today, here is the best guidance that we have as of this evening. We will follow this guidance through July 31, 2020, 


  • An athlete that visits a hotspot will be monitored daily as all athletes are when he or she returns to practice. We do a health assessment daily for all athletes, so this is the current procedure anyhow.. 

  • If the vacationing athlete is demonstrating a fever, intestinal difficulties, frequent headaches, cold symptoms, etc; within the first 14-days of their return from vacation in a Hot Spot area, then testing will be required for a return to play. On a daily basis ,an athlete with a fever will need to be home 72 hours fever free before returning to workouts. 

  • The protocols are in place to limit the spread of infection so that we can have the activities that we love and appreciate. 


Effective August 1, 2020 (first day of official practices),  The Crestview Athletic Department will be strengthening those guidelines for maximum protection as we begin official practices. Effective August 1, 2020, an additional criteria will be added as we begin scrimmages and game preparations. These guidelines will stay in effect until further notice. 


  • Any athlete traveling out of state for vacation will be subject to a 14-day self-quarantine. This quarantine can be reduced with a negative COVID-19 test.


The rights of the families and family quality are paramount to advance society. We are glad and encourage our families to make memories. We will balance the needs of the family and individuals as we strive to protect a variety of people with varying belief systems. We have had a strong start by resuming programs and have a high participation rate in our Fall Sports and music programs. Thus far, we have zero reported cases of COVID-19 with our student-athletes.  We look forward to the return of sports and most importantly the return of school.


The Crestview Athletic Department will be meeting with it’s Athletic Council to continue to work with the Health Department as more knowledge and data becomes available.  We hope that all of you enjoy this beautiful summer weather!


Reminder for our Athletes

July 21, 2020 we will offer sports physicals at school. The physicals  are $20.00. If you decide to have COVID testing, that day , the physical is free. This is all optional and information is on our website. This program is being done at many of our local schools in the area. 


Mr. M

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