Crestview Middle School

2019-2020 Awards

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go”- Christian Larson


All A Honor Roll Every Nine Weeks:

Grace Auer

Owen Bacon

Avary Boano

Cayden Booth

Devon Burcham

Emily Downey

Ethan Feezle

Dominic Finley

Katie Lissi

Karagin Miller

Emily Rovers

Katrina Schmucker

Haley Tilton

Lillian Urmson

Maci Vignon


Honor Roll A/B Every Nine Weeks:

Kaitlyn Black

Andrew Bucey

Brooke Brubaker

Ella Carano

Caden Doyle

Riley Grim

Alexa Huff

Caleb Hughes

Emma Julian

Sonja Leverknight

Justin McKee

Tristan Milhoan

Gabriel Morgan

Colton Renforth

Mara Shaffer

Karli Stacy

Bailey Wonner

Gianna Wycoff

Selena Zuti

All A’s at Crestview Middle School

Grace Auer

Owen Bacon

Avary Boano

Cayden Booth

Emily Downey

Ethan Feezle

Karagin Miller

Haley Tilton

Lillian Urmson


American Legion "Good Character Award"

Owen Bacon

Bailey Wonner


Archie Griffin  

Zander Witherow 

Grace Auer


OHSSA Excellence Award 

Lillian Urmson



All A Honor Roll Every Nine Weeks:

Abigail Boyarko

Quinlan Bulick

Lydia Campbell

Abbey Emch

Asher Moore

Aubrey Unkefer


Honor Roll A/B Every Nine Weeks:

Sarah Baer

Kailey Baker

Arlo Bell

Mariana Benner

Natalie Blakeman

Alexis Blower

Olivia Brown

Mason Cowan

Carter Davidson

Joshua Dragovich

Brayden Ensell

Brenna Figley

Athan Mays

Myer Miller

Evan Neff

Hayden Patrone

Brooklyn Reidy

Dylan Russell

Georgia Wood



All A Honor Roll Every Nine Weeks:

Alaina Auer

Laney Boano

Kyle Booth

Ava Bucey

Paige Burcham

Wyatt Hart

Adrianna Hodge

Nathan Hoprich

Abbey Jackson

Zoe Mays

Roderick McCune

Maddie Neville

Emma Priestley

Tyler Savage

Trinity Smith

Kanaan Webber


Honor Roll A/B Every Nine Weeks:

Olyvia Barnett

Alexander Beveridge

Kaylie Blakeman

Mason Carney

Isabella Crowl

Addison Dattilio

Emma Forinash

Allen Gibson

Christopher Johnson

Adam Milhoan

Hayden Morlan

Bodie Morris

Jake Noling

Aliva Rudebock

Lilly Stamp

Phoenix Taggart

Caydene Tigelman

Chloe Todd

Breanna Weaver

Grace Weaver

Hunter Weaver

Colton Webber

Sydney Wellman



All A Honor Roll Every Nine Weeks:

Shane Bacon

Shelby Barlow

Sydney Bulick

Carson Crable

Madeline English

Nathaniel Heddleson

Morgan Hively

Andrew Hodge

Madeline Long

Blake McCowin

Riley Mercer

Kerrigan Miller

Madison Mohrbacher

Logan Neff

Dani-Lynn Pannunzio

Emily Salinas

Isaac Unkefer


Honor Roll A/B Every Nine Weeks:

Noah Burkett

Charles Chamberlain

McKenzie Cope

Cambriauna Davidson

Daisy Day

Grant Gerner

Skyler Graham

Brian Hall

Jerrick Hayward

Jasmine Maurer

Isabella Novak

Bryce Potts

Carter Ray

Owen Rockenberger

Emma Smith

Bella Stickler

Addison Wendell


Spelling Bee Winners:

Winner: Kaden Kordes

1st Runner Up:  Kerrigan Miller

2nd Runner Up:  Brian Hall

3rd Runner Up:  Caleb Main

Alternate:  Brayden Ensell


*Plaques and certificates will be distributed to students upon our return in the fall*


Congratulations to all students for your hard work this school year! This year has been a crazy, unique time in all of our lives and we appreciate all of the hard work from our students, teachers and parents!



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