Read with your child every day!

10 reasons you should read to your children every day:

  1. Develops a strong bond between parent and child. It is absolutely undeniable in my own experiences of reading to each of our children in utero that a bond between each of my unborn children and I was formed during pregnancy. I remember getting a feel for each of my baby’s personalities while reading. They would respond to the stories I was reading based upon the fluctuation of my voice. Such a beautiful experience!
  2. Helps cultivate active listening skills. This is a very important skill that will help a child’s ability to learn well in group environments and within the family unit. As an active listener your child will be ready to excel in school and in the world as a professional.
  3. Improves visual memory. This is a wonderful way for children to develop vivid imaginations which also help develop visualization in the mind. With the overuse of electronic devices, many children have lost the ability to think for themselves and imaginations are not as vivid as they 0nce were. Reading aloud to your children helps to cultivate the invaluable resource of imaginative thinking!
  4. Is instrumental in early brain development in fetuses and infants. Studies continue to show that babies who are read to in utero and after birth stimulate early brain development and help foster critical thinking skills.
  5. Gives our children a head start on language skills. Children who are read to on a daily basis are more likely to develop strong language skills and early cognitive skills.
  6. Helps develop strong literacy skills. According to the National Research Council, studies show that children who are read to often perform better in reading and writing in our public schools.
  7. Sets our children up for future academic success. A study done by the National Research Council showed that there is considerable evidence of a relationship between reading regularly to a child and their future academic achievement in every area of school (National Research Council, 2009).
  8. Improves your child’s overall confidence. Because you are bonding with your child when reading to them, this gives them a better overall confidence because they are secure in their relationship with you. In addition to your child feeling safe and connected to you, they also gain a great confidence in reading aloud themselves.
  9. Can help reduce screen time. When children are read to on a daily basis they are less likely to choose to be on an electronic device, therefore reducing overall screen time.
  10. Will likely become avid readers. Children who are read to on a daily basis are more likely to pick up the habit of reading than those who are not read to.

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