Local Scholarships

Please follow any and all directions provided if no address is provided those scholarships are returned to the Counseling office by April 15th if not otherwise stated. Any Google Form Application, the student must be logged into their school email address to access.  (The Columbiana County Foundation Scholarships are DUE April 1st to the Counseling Office)

2018-2019 Dream...Innovate..Grow Scholarship (3/1/2019)
7/17 Credit Union Scholarship Program (3/1/2019)
Alfred & Agnes Cresanto Family Scholarship (4/15/2019)
American Legion Auxiliary Unit #290 Nursing Scholarship (4/15/2019)
American Association of Drilling Engineers
American Public Workers Scholarship (3/1/2019)

Amanda Radman Memorial Cheer Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Baker's Golden Dairy Scholarship (4/15/2019)

Becky Garrod Memorial Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Blue Knights Law Enforcement Scholarship (4/14/2019)
Charles E. Williams Memorial Award - Salem Community Theatre (5/06/2019)

County Farm Bureau Scholarship (3/15/2019)
Columbiana Community Foundation (4/1/2019)
Columbiana Community Foundation Additional Scholarships (4/1/2019)

Columbiana County Buckeye Dairy Booster Scholarship (3/16/2019)
Columbiana County Federation of Conservation Clubs (4/25/2019)
Columbiana County Retired Teachers Association (3/31/2019)
Columbiana Area Business and Professional Women's Club (4/28/2019)

Columbiana County School Employee Credit Union (4/12/2019)
Crestview Alumni Scholarships (4/15/2019)
Crestview Class of 1978 Academic Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Crestview Class of 1978 Vocational Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Crestview Education Association (4/15/2019)
Crestview Soccer Club Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Crestview Local Touchdown Club Scholarship (4/15/2019)
David V. Stivison Appalachian Community Action Scholarship Fund (4/01/2019)

Eastek Memorial Nursing Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Edward J. DeBartolo Memorial Scholarship (4/19/2019)

Ed Neiheisel Family/Youngstown Oxygen Scholarship (4/15/2019)

Elks National Foundation Scholarship (4/06/2019)
Elsie McConville Pursuit of Education Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Excellence in the Humanities Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Fraternal Order of Police Quaker Lodge #88 (4/20/2019)
Foundation For Appalachian Ohio

Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Awards Program (2/01/2019)
Homer Unkefer Agriculture Scholarship/Consumers National Bank (03/29/2019)
Huntington Bank "Doing the Right Thing" Scholarship 
Kent State Roy and Joyce Allen Scholarship
Lisbon Music Study Club
Lowell Iden - Larry Iler Scholarship

Mahoning Valley CU Outreach Alliance Scholarship Program
Mona McArtor Scholarship Quota International of Salem
Motorcycle Memorial Foundation

Music Boosters 
New Waterford Lion's Club (4/15/2019)
Oaspe II Scholarship (4/15/2019)
Ohio Credit Union Scholarship
Ohio School Board Book Grant

Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools
Ohio Oil and Gas Education Program
Richard T. Naples, Sr. Education Foundation
Rotary Scholarship
Salem Italian-American Fund
Slater & Zurz Scholarship Contest
Steubenville Art Association

Student Council Memorial Scholarship 
Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship Contest
William D. Squires Educational Foundation

Mount Union Minority Achievement Award