Steps of CCP

  1. Attend a CCP information meeting( two were held this year one in the fall and one in the spring)
  2. Submit the Letter of Intent and Letter of Counsel to Crestview Schools, found under the forms tab. (Deadline is April 1st, do not wait till the deadline)
  3. Apply to your selected University or plan to attend an application day if available with all required paperwork turned into the counselor's office, prior to said application day or deadline. (Deadline is May 1st for fall classes and April 1st for any summer courses for KSU, YSU deadlines is April 5th for all options, do not wait till the deadline)
  4. Make sure placement test are completed by deadlines. (Communicate with Counselor as needed)
  5. Schedule classes that meet graduation requirements and fit within your schedule of other courses using the information provided at the informational meetings. (Communicate with the counselor as needed)
  6. Review Information on CCP tab for frequently asked questions and program information. 

When a student selects CCP as part of their educational plans, the student and family is stating they are ready for College Level work and responsibility. The student is the driver of this program with Crestview and the University as supports in the process, it takes a very independent and mature learner to be successful in this program. Parents and the high school will have very little access to the college campus and online course information.