Superintendent's Message

Mr Manley

Matthew Manley

Dear Rebel Nation:

Our schools give us a tremendous opportunity to grow as people. The school is truly the “HEART of Our Community.” Our school gives us a sense of community, pride, and purpose. The OPPORTUNITIES offered through academics and extracurricular activities create critical problem solvers that analyze and grow an organization. In fact, Benjamin Disaraeli states, “The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.”

Our district is in need of major repairs. In fact, we need 9 million dollars in infrastructure repairs immediately. We, however, are one of the lucky ones. We have the state willing to build us a new state of the art PreK-12 complex. This is not a curse, but a blessing. We need 5.2 million dollars locally to get 38 million dollars from the state of Ohio. This limited time OPPORTUNITY will continue to advance the Crestview Local Schools and keep us the HEART of our community!


? Improve safety and security

? Save taxpayers money, because building new is less expensive than the cost of repairs

? Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and protection of local tax dollars

? Build a new state-of-the-art, efficient PreK-12 facility

? Increase technology for students and staff

? Be energy efficient; thus, saving taxpayer dollars, while protecting property values


I am reaching out to you for help with this opportunity, which will appear on the November 6th ballot. We would like to come to your homes with your friends and family to discuss the future of our district and answer any questions you may have. I and the entire committee want to make sure every person understands this opportunity. If you would like to schedule a coffeehouse, please call the board office at 330-482-5526. Also, we will host our first fall town hall on September 13, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m. in the High School cafeteria. There will be a brief presentation and a panel discussion where you can ask questions.

I am blessed, honored, and humbled to be your Superintendent. On behalf of the Rebel Nation, we wish all our students and community the best. We remind you, to “make it a GREAT day, or NOT….the CHOICE is YOURS!” Go REBELS!


Matthew T. Manley, Superintendent

REMINDER: September 10, 2018 school will start 2 hours late in all buildings. Buses will run on a two-hour delay schedule.


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