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Mr Manley

Matthew Manley

Dear Rebel Nation:

We had a very smooth beginning of school. As I mentioned last month, we have much to celebrate and much to work towards in our future. This month, I wanted to talk about the growth at the elementary school. This year we have portable classrooms. This is NOT due to open enrollment. This is due to adding a grade level. We have gone from one pre-school teacher to three. We have gone from 25 pre-school students to 78 students. We worked towards this goal because a large percentage of our incoming kindergarten students started school with difficulties in reading and math. The demands by society and of our children are intensive; therefore, we had to adjust. Students used to only need to learn letters and numbers in kindergarten. Now we have to develop emerging reading and writing students in kindergarten. I cannot thank all the teachers and parents for working with us through this process.

This summer we have been working with the state and shortly, we will know if we will qualify for money for facility improvement. Currently we are in line for a significant amount from the State of Ohio. In addition, we have also recently learned that because pre-school was added that we will also qualify for additional space for the preschool program. This is a great benefit that was never even thought of when we added the additional preschool classes. We are excited to pursue the potential of this project and we will keep you informed.

This year we are beginning to stream our athletic events on YSN. There will soon be an app in Google Play and the ITUNES store for your phone. You can also get the games on your computer at The games will be archived and at the site too. All 10 football games and select games in other sports will be broadcasted on YSN. We are pleased to par tner with them as the official network of Rebel Athletics. You can also stay up to date and see what our students are doing by following me on Instagram, at rebel.supt, or on Twitter at @RebelSupt. You can also check our web page for the most up to date information at You can also check the district Facebook: CrestviewRebels. We also will periodically do one calls to district families to update them on pertinent issues!

One of my favorite subjects in school is food. As you have probably noticed, I am rounded! We will again be offering an after school food program for our many students that have activities after school. The cafeteria will be open for one hour after school Monday through Thursday at the High School and Middle School complex. Also groups that are being fed have the opportunity to order 1 week ahead to be served here at school by the staff.

I highly encourage everyone to fill out a free and reduced lunch application. This application is vital educationally and nutritionally. The amount of money we get for Title 1 staff is dependent on these applications. Even if you decline lunch or breakfast, the form helps get reading and math support for our students. (FREE & REDUCED APPLICATION). Also with our Food Service, the menus are now fully interactive with complete nutritional information. You can also use the filter to filter out gluten foods and get full carb counts!

Parent Teacher Conferences this year have been moved up by five (5) weeks to Thursday, October 12, 2017, we will send additional reminders. Thank you everyone and have a great end of summer and a wonderful school year!

Sincerely you,

Matthew T. Manley, Superintendent


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