New District Report Card

New District Report Card

New District Report Card

This fall, the Ohio Department of Education began the transition to a new report card to detail how school districts in Ohio are performing. This new rating system will provide an "A" to "F" grade scale on several indicators of student success. The new report cards will phase in over three years. This fall however, schools and districts were provided letter grades in nine areas covering four categories. These broad categories include:

Achievement-This grade considers how well students performed on the state tests. The first grade considers how many students passed the state tests, and the second grade considers how well students did on the state tests by considering how many students scored in the "basic", "proficient", "accelerated" or "advanced range".

Graduation Rate-This grade considers how many students entering ninth (9th) grade graduate in four (4) years and how many graduate in five (5) years.

Progress-These grades measure the average progress for students in math and reading in grades 4-8. The grade considers how much each student learns in a year. These grades indicate if students in each group received a year’s worth of growth.

Gap Closing-This grade shows how well all students are doing in reading, math and graduation. It is meant to consider how well every student is succeeding regardless of income, race, or disability.

By 2015, two additional categories will be added to the report card, "K-3 Literacy" and "Prepared for Success".

Crestview’s grades on this year’s report card are as follows:


  • Indicators Met (22/24) 91.7% A
  • Performance Index (99.6/120) 83.0% B

Graduation Rate

  • Students graduated in 4 years 90.3% B
  • Students graduated in 5 years 95.9% A

Progress (Value-Added)

  • Overall A
  • Gifted C
  • Lowest 20% in Achievement B
  • Students with Disabilities B

Gap Closing

  • Annual Measurable Objectives C

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