How does Open Enrollment Work Financially?

When a student comes to our district through open enrollment we receive approximately $6,020 through State Foundation from the district where the child lives.  Each district in the State of Ohio has what they call a state share percentage. What this means is that even though the State sets a per pupil funding amount of the $6020,  based on the wealth of the district, the amount a district actually receives is a lot less based on its State Share %. Crestview’s state share percentage is 56%. So, for every student that lives in our district, we receive approximately $3371 from the state.  So if a student leaves Crestview and goes open enrollment to another district, the other district not only receives the $3371 of our state money but also an additional $2679 of local money from property and income tax (6020-3371) for a total of $6,020. The $2679 comes from our local tax dollars.  On the reverse side, when a student comes to Crestview open enrollment from another district we receive the full $6020 . However that district does not get the full $6020 from the state either. The district’s state dollars, based on their state share, plus locally collected dollars, comes to us from the district of residence. The amount of local tax dollars we receive from other districts will vary from district to district. However no district locally is receiving $6020 in full state funding. Thus, when an open enrollment student comes here, he or she brings state and local tax dollars to Crestview.

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