Please note these two changes to the school calendar

Please note these two changes to the school calendar

Message from the Superintendent

March 20th is officially the first day of spring, and I am sure that we are all looking forward to the longer hours of daylight, the warmer temperatures and an end to this brutal winter. As we anxiously anticipate the arrival of spring, the Board of Education has made some adjustments in our school calendar to compensate for the many days of school closings that were a result of this harsh winter.

The first calendar change will occur on April 4th. This date was scheduled on the calendar as a teacher professional development day. A professional development day means that staff are required to be in attendance at school for training and students are excused. This date has been changed and students will now be in session on April 4th and the staff professional development day has been rescheduled to June 2nd. The second change will occur on Monday, April 21st. This date had been scheduled as the last day of spring break, however it will now be a scheduled day of instruction. School will remain closed on Friday, April 18th in observance of Good Friday.

Please note these two changes to the school calendar—school will be in session for students on Friday, April 4th and Monday April 21st.

Another important date on the school calendar is April 17th. This date has been designated as Crestview High School’s “Day of Hope” in the fight against cancer. Cancer has had a very emotional impact on the Crestview students in recent years. It has affected the lives of students, staff, families and community members. Because of the devastating affect that cancer has had on the lives of loved ones, Crestview High School students are dedicating their time on April 17th to the “Day of Hope”. This very important day will provide our students the opportunity to celebrate the lives of our students, our staff, our families and our community members who are battling cancer. The students will also use this date to raise money that will be donated to the American Cancer Society in the on-going fight against this devastating disease. The Crestview High School “Day of Hope” is an annual event that allows students to work cooperatively to plan, develop and implement activities that will support the fight against cancer. More information on the Crestview High School “Day of Hope” is provided in this edition of the Informagram by senior Anthony Marr. It is important that all high school students be in attendance on this day. This is a wonderful opportunity for Crestview High School students to “pay it forward” to our community.

Thank you for keeping Crestview Schools the heart of our community!

John Dilling, Superintendent

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