OGT week Adjusted Schedule


· The high school only will operate under a 2-Hour delay schedule during the week of March 10-14 for STUDENTS NOT TAKING the OGT TEST.  THIS SCHEDULE IS ONLY FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.

· Buses will run at the regular times.

· Students who are not involved in the testing and who are not failing a class will be permitted to arrive to school on the two hour delay schedule with a signed permission slip from their parent or guardian.

· All Sophomores, any Juniors or Seniors needing to take the OGT and other students who need to use bus transportation will arrive on the buses at the regular time.

· Students taking the OGT test will be assigned to classrooms with teachers proctoring tests, bells will be off.

· Student not taking the test who must ride the bus will be provided alternative, supervised activities (which includes tutoring) for the two hour time period.

· At the end of the two hour test block, the school will operate on the established delay schedule.

· All students will have the opportunity to be in every class period during the week.


Students must pass the OGT test in order to receive a high school diploma in the state of Ohio.  The altered school schedule will provide a quiet setting for students.  They will be encouraged to take their time and concentrate without the disruption of bells or other students in the hallway.

The importance we place on this test and our encouragement for positive student achievement will transfer into better test scores for our students.


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