Blizzard Bag Information

Blizzard Bag Information

This has truly been a memorable winter. With record low temperatures, snow storms, broken water lines and power outages, Crestview Local Schools has already had eight (8) days of school cancellations prior to February 1st. With the groundhog predicting six more weeks of winter, there is a very good chance that we may still have some cancellations before this winter ends.

Ohio Revised Code 3313.48 requires that the school year consist of 178 instructional days. The law does permit a school district to take up to five (5) calamity days for acts of nature that prevent school from being in session. The current law also requires twelfth grade students must be in session for a minimum of 175 instructional days. Crestview’s current calendar has kindergarten through eleventh grade students scheduled for 178 days and seniors scheduled for 175 days. This calendar, has seniors scheduled to graduate on May 25th, the Sunday prior to Memorial Day, and all other students will have their last day of school on Thursday May 29th.

As you can see, scheduling make-up days at the end of the school year may create a problem with the scheduled date of commencement. If Crestview must make up days at the end of the school year, commencement may need to be moved back to meet the minimum number of days required for seniors. The Crestview Board of Education is very aware of this concern and is continuing to examine options to prevent changing the calendar.

The Board recently approved a resolution to allow the use of “Blizzard Bags” to make up work lost due to a calamity day. “Blizzard Bags” were introduced with legislation in 2011 and allow students to make up to three days lost due to weather related closings by making up work on line. With the “Blizzard Bag” concept, students are asked to complete assignments posted on line (or through printed work) to make up work missed during calamity days. The work can be accessed from the school’s website. For students who lack Internet access or computers at home, assignments are printed at school and sent home with students and must be completed and returned within two weeks.

The Board is also continuing to monitor legislative action that may provide some relief to Ohio Schools, like Crestview who are trying to meet the scheduling requirements. There are currently two bills, one in the Ohio House (HB 416) and one in the Ohio Senate (SB 269) that would expand the number of calamity days for schools for this year only. The House Bill would add four days additional calamity days and the Senate Bill would add three additional calamity days. Although neither of these bills has been passed as of February 1st, the Board of Education will monitor their progress as they possibly come to a vote.

If necessary, the Board may also consider changing the calendar to schedule make-up days prior to the end of the school year. A possible make-up day could be the Monday following Easter (April 21st). The Board realizes that any changes in the calendar could cause an inconvenience for some parents and will try to avoid making that change unless it becomes necessary to avoid impacting commencement.

Please continue to monitor the Crestview Webpage and the Crestview Facebook page for information regarding calamity days and changes to the school calendar.

John Dilling, Superintendent

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