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Hasn't anyone done anything with the buildings along the way?


The Crestview Local Schools has an extensive maintenance plan. In fact,here are the totals for repairs and maintenance on just one area...the heating system over the last three years.

FY 2016 = $69,000

FY 2017 = $72,000

FY 18 = $46,000

Total = $188,000

At a public meetings one person said, "don't you have a maintenance plan?"  The answer is yes. Much like a homeowner, the repairs are exceeding the money we have.  As a homeowner, you would go to the bank for a home improvement or home equity loan.  As a school, we have to go to the public to  for bonds. This is why there is a bond issue on the ballot. We have not sought additional help since 1992. But unlike most homeowners, we have help with our project. The state will pay 88% of the cost of a new building, which is less than our repairs. This money from the state is from all citizens across the state including you!  This money will either stay here, or if we decline, it goes to the next district in line.  The State of Ohio WILL NOT  pay for our repairs since  the repairs are so great. What would you do as a homeowner under this circumstance? EX: Homeowner Fred Flinstone needs a new roof. His replacement roof costs $15,000 on his $100,000 home. A person knocks on the door and says, "John, I will build you a new $100,000  home if you come up with 12% or $12,000."



You asked and the Board Delivered!

The Crestview Board of Education passed a resolution adding additional accountability to the proposed bond issue. This is in addition to the checks and balances for school construction that were initiated in 1998 and after with the formation of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission by the state legislature. Crestview passed its last issue in 1992 under the guidance the Ohio Department of Education. Did you know that ODE only completed 13 buildings in over 20 years? In 1998, the OFCC was formed with design criteria. In one year alone, OFCC constructed more buildings and was alloted more resources for school construction than the Ohio Department of Education was alloted in over 20 years total. The OFCC has reconfigured or built new with over 300 public school systems since 1998. They have implemented over a 1000 page design manual to assure each area is built to the highest possible standards for quality. There are many checks and balances that are listed at the OFCC website. Read the article below for additional information on accountability on the resolution of additional local measures by the Crestview Board of Education...



Safety Tip Line


On Sunday 10/14/18 at 10:43 AM,  we received a message from the safety tip line. The person making the tip wanted to be anonymous, which is ok and fine. However, you did not check the box for a return response that would generate a number for you to review the report later and still remain anonymous. Please make sure the box is checked for a response so that you can view the outcome.

Your concern is being investigated. The call number ID is....107-77-193-174. The matter involved one student being mean to another. Whoever you are, thank you for caring. We just have no way to notate what is being done. 

Rebel Volleyball wins OVAC

Crestview VB 2018 is the first team in school history to win two championships in the same season. AAC and OVAC Champions. Watch the final seconds vs. Fort Fry.

Cross Country Places at AAC Meet

Congratulations to Joanie Wood (7th) & Jeremy Miller (5th) in AAC Cross Country meet.


Dylan Huff Crestview Football

Please vote for Dylan Huff, Columbiana Crestview Football


Also, Vote here



State Ranked Volleyball wins AAC Championship
How does Open Enrollment Work Financially?


Open Enrollment

There is much talk about open enrollment students and how they do not pay real estate/income taxes to our district.  Technically they do not pay taxes to our district directly, however some of their local tax dollars do come to our district indirectly.  Let me give you an internal example to explain.

Superintendent Advisory: Open to anyone who is interested



It is time to meet again for Superintendent Advisory. Your input is vital as we continue to look at ways to grow our district. The committee meets bi-monthly and looks at information and gives community feedback. The committee assists in guiding the Superintendent. Our first meeting for this year is September 19, 2019 @ 7:00 PM in the Home EC room. If you know of anyone that would like to serve please have them call the board office 330 -482-5526. All are welcome! 

Superintendent Advisory Dates...7:00 PM Home EC Room

September 19, 2018

November 7, 2018

January 16, 2019

March 20, 2019

May 15, 2019

Leaks...Leaks....and More Leaks



Glad we had a 2 HR Delay today for Teacher Development. Our maintenance staff has been busy on Sunday and Monday shoring up the place because we are leaking everywhere. Rooms of ceiling tile are being replaced. Rooms 206 at the Elementary, HS Gym, HS Home EC, HS Chemistry, HS History, and the Supt's Office all are leaking. These are the things the public does not always see because the building looks shiny and clean. We have a chance to fix this with the help of the State of Ohio. Without the state assistance these repairs become all a local responsibility. We need 9 million dollars in immediate repairs, and 21 million dollars additionally. With  the State help, we can build all new  efficient facility for 5.2 million dollars.

The ability to pay $ 0.00 is NOT an option. Shelter, Heat, and Water are necessities! The fiscally responsible option is to take the opportunity from the STATE. 

HS class schedules

Students may pick up class schedules in the lobby of the HS beginning at 12:00pm Monday 8/20/18. Schedules will also be given to students during homeroom on the first day of school Wednesday 8/22/18. Any questions will be addressed on the first day of school.

Senior Locker Decorating 8/20/18, Let's Get 100%
Board Office Closed on 7/19 & 7/20 for Summer Cleaning


We will reopen on Monday July 23, 2018

Douglas Dattilio Appointed to the Crestview School Board

Welcome to Mr. Douglas Dattilio as the newest School Board Member of the Crestview Local Schools. Mr. Dattilio was appointed to the board, due to the resignation of a board member. Mr. Dattilio will assume a term that expires Dec 31, 2019.



Parking Lot Sealing at the 5 - 12 building

The PAC lot is closed on Monday June 4, 2018  and will re-open on Tuesday June 5, 2018.

The stadium lot will be closed for work June 5 (T) - June 8th (F). The gates from the elementary will be closed and locked during this work! Please enter on Crestview Road to get to the HS and MS!


Breaking News from State Track Meet

Crestview's  Dominic Perry wins STATE Division 3 shot put championship with a throw of 56 ft 8 inches. The 4 by 100 and 4 by 200 relay teams qulaify for state finals tomorrow morning (6-2-18). GOOOOOOOOOOOO REBELS!!!!


June 2018 Informagram
Sports Physicals: Don't Wait

Sports physicals will be offered on May 31 and June 14 in the middle school nurses office, by Dr. Miller, cost is $25 payable to Dr. Miller. Please call 330 892 3116 for an appointment.

Forms will be done online this year. Student athletes will be the first to utilize this technology, and if you need help, staff members will be happy to assist you in the computer lab on designated dates this summer, yet to be determined.


Summer Stock Theater Coming to the PAC

The Millennial Theater Company has rented the PAC for the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August. The company includes a cast crew from a 60 mile radius. It will even include a live orchestra! More ticket Information will be coming soon! The production and cast will have several Crestview students who starred in Beauty and the Beast. It will even include our own musical director Mr. Eric Bable.  The group will do previews at the Summer Festival of the Arts at YSU and the Trumbull County Fair!


Board of Education Vacated Seat





Notice is hereby given that the Crestview Local School District of Education is seeking interested applicants to fill a vacant position on the Board of Education.  Those wishing to be considered should complete an application which is available online at http://www.crestviewrebels.org/ or at the Superintendent’s office at 44100 Crestview Road, Suite A, Columbiana, Ohio.  Completed APPLICATIONS need to be sent to Crestview Local Schools, Attn: Charlene Mercure, 44100 Crestview Road, Suite A, Columbiana, Ohio 44408 no later than 2:00 P.M. Thursday, May 31, 2018. Applications available in board office too!

Charlene Mercure     Treasurer      Crestview Local Schools

Applications Due May 31 by 2:00 PM

Review Applications June 1

Interviews After 5:00 PM on June 4, 2018

Donna Finch signs

Donna Finch signs

Donna Finch signs to continue her soccer time this fall at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She is shown with her parents, Patti and Kevin Finch, the high school principal, Lynda Dickson, former coaches Dawn Moore and Linda Garwood, and athletic directors.

COLUMBIANA, OH-  The All-time Saves leader in Crestview Girls Soccer History will be back in the box this fall.

Donna Finch will take her 568 career saves as Rebel Keeper to Mount Vernon Nazarene this fall.  The Cougars finished 10-6-2 overall (4-3-2 in Crossroads Conference) and have 2 Senior Goalkeepers graduating from Coach Daniel Seiffert’s program.

Congratulations to Donna on continuing her already storied career, and pursuing a great education at the next level.

Lady Rebels BB 'Playmakers Academy"


The Lady Rebels basketball program is offering a “Playmakers Academy” for girls entering 4th-6th grade. The program will run once a week through June and July and will be directed by the Lady Rebels’ high school staff. Cost to participate is $15. To register, contact Coach Blatch at 330-853-1943. 

MS Girls Track Wins AAC Blue Tier Championship

The Rebels had 9 first place finishes and swept through the AAC MS track meet!


Baseball Advances in tournament:Rootstown Next


The Crestview baseball ream defeated United Local 4 - 3 at Rebel Field on 5/9/14. Great article by The Morning Journal. Rebels advance to play Rootstown.

Before and After Care Survey Results

Dear Community:

You are AWESOME! We had 73 parents respond whether they needed  before or after care services. We have worked with the YMCA on a proposal; however, the deal fell through. The Y would need a receptionist, insurance etc., whether we offered one YMCA program or several. However, with only one program, the cost factor is too high for just one option. Our dialogue is positive with the YMCA and we hope in the future is to offer multiple programs and to have the YMCA be a presence here at Crestview. At this time it is not feasible.

We have submitted a grant with the County ESC, Lisbon, and Wellsville to offer an after school program here for select students. However, we will not hear on that grant until late July. We are working hard to create partnerships to continue to strengthen our students and families. We will continue to explore every avenue to enhance experiences for our students.

Mr. M


Voice of the Valley: Heart of a REBEL!



Here at Crestview, we know him simply as Mr. B.  He is a part of our traditions, our memories, and our events. Andris Baltputnis has been a long time teacher, coach, AD and the voice of the REBELS. It is only appropriate that he is honored during Teachers Appreciation Week. He is a masterful person and educator! Last year at graduation he reminded everyone that the world is full of rebel fans...."Why else are roads and buses yellow and black?"

Please take a few minutes to watch this video highlighting his local and national work...


Rebel Track wins first AAC Championship


Track is the first sport that Crestview is eligible for a championship in the new affiliation in the All American Conference. The Rebel Boys came in and won the whole thing. The Rebels will be full members of the AAC in all sports in 2018, but football. Football will become a full member in 2019.

The Girls did a great job and finished 3rd in their first attempt in the league.

The Rebel Boys track team is ranked second in the State of Ohio. Here are some records set at the AAC Blue Tier Championship....

AAC Boys Champions (Blue Tier)

Records Broke:

4 x 100 Ethan Powell, Luke Wickline, Danny Moore, Dylan Huff


4x200 Jayce Meredith, Danny Moore, Ethan Powell, Mitchell Lindsay


Shot Put: Dom Perry - Stadium Record




CHS Looking for HS Science and Social Studies Teacher for 2018 - 2019
May 2018 Informagram

May 2018 Informagram


Crestview Boys BB Youth Camp


"Crestview Boys Basketball will be hosting a Youth Camp from June 4-7 at the High School for any boys entering Grades 3-8.  The cost is $40 and runs from 9AM-12PM each day.  Each camper will receive a tshirt and a packet of valuable drills they can do to develop their skills.  Contact Head Coach Jeff Wilson at Chiefjeffams129@gmail.com for more information."​






School is Out Wednesday May 23, 2018


Our Class of 2018 will graduate on Sunday May 20, 2018 at 2:00 PM in the PAC. The rest of the school district will end the year on Wednesday May 23, 2018.


Open House will be August 20, 2018 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM

2018 - 2019 School Year begins on Wednesday August 22, 2018

YSN will cover Columbiana County MS Track meet on 4/27/18


The MS Track Meet will be carried by video and audio by YSN. The event will be carried from Rebel Stadium with field events @ 4:30 and running events @ 5:30PM

Testing Date Changes!

Due to a system error with the AIR login, CMS was unable to test on Wednesday, April 18th.  The ELA Part 2 tests scheduled for Wednesday have been re-scheduled as follows:

Thursday, April 19th-

8th Grade 7:50am-9:50am

5th Grade 10:00am-12:00pm

Friday, April 20th-

6th Grade 7:50am-9:50am

7th Grade 10:00am-12:00pm

If your child will be absent on a test day for any reason, please contact the MS office immediately, so we can make arrangements for make-up testing to give all students a fair chance!

Thank you for understanding and for your support of our students during this stressful time!

Town Hall Meeting 4/24/18


The Ohio School Facilities Commission  has released their report on the conditions of our school facilities. The state has spent 12 months studying the buildings and has completed the information. We will have an informational meeting to go over the report with the community. We will hold several meetings and coffee houses so that we can address questions and be transparent as we move forward together.  Here is the first meeting information.

Who: District, Share State OFCC Report

When: 4/24/18

Where: Crestview Performing Arts Center

Time: 6:30 PM


CHS Softball Heads to Myrtle Beach Tournament 3/29 - 4/2


The Crestview High School Softball Team has spent the last year raising money through various fundraisers, so that they can compete at the Ripken Complex in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The complex is run by Hall of Famer Cal Ripken. The girls will play 4 games and all games are streamed live, so those of us left in the cold, can cheer on our Rebels!. Here are the game Schedules....

3/29/18 Crestview vs. Slippery Rock @ 7:00 PM

3/30/18 Crestview vs Lakeview PA @ 1:00 PM

3/31/18 Crestview vs. Burgettstown PA @ 1:00 PM

              Crestview vs. Conneaut PA @ 3:00 PM

Easter Sunday Off

4/02/18   Crestview vs. Russell KY @ 9:00 AM

              Crestview vs Marcellus @ 11:00 AM

All games are streamed live from Duncan Field. CLICK HERE TO VIEW GAME AT DUNCAN

You can also watch on your smartphone with the app shown below!


Middle School Vs. High School Food Drive

Leo Club is extending the food drive until Tuesday, March 27th. We will accept any non-perishable food items you are able to donate!  Donations should be turned in to your last period teacher- 8th grade will be turned into your last core class before specials.

There will be a pizza party for the winning classroom on Wednesday, March 28th.

These items will be part of the Rebel Backpack program.  If you know anyone that could benefit from the food in the Rebel Backpack program, please let the office know!

Math Counts Competition

Kyle Peters and Ryan Emch at the state Math Counts Competition on Saturday, March 17th

Math Counts Competition​​​​​​​

Rebel Football Team Serves the Community

On Saturday March 17, 2018 the Crestview Rebel football team volunteered at a community dinner. Here are some of our young men from the clean-up crew!


Beauty and the Beast Show Information: Important









Crestview Middle School Earns Awards at 2018 Math Counts Competition


Math Counts 2018On Thursday, February 15, 2018, students from Northeast Ohio participated in the Math Counts Competition at Youngstown State University.  Math Counts is a national “bee” style contest that promotes mathematics. Students in Math Club with Coach Herman Miller work all year in preparation for this event.  Students take a written test to determine which four (4) students would attend the competition. The students who competed this year were: Kyle Peters, Matthew Wollet, Ryan Emch and Shayne Scragg.  CMS placed 6th overall in the competition and runner-up in the Math Bowl. In the “Countdown” round between the top 16 individuals Kyle Peters finished 4th, Matthew Wollet finished 3rd and Ryan Emch finished 2nd.  Individually, Emch and Peters finished 2nd and 5th, respectively, advancing to the Math Counts state competition, which was held at Columbus State University on Saturday, March 10th.

Upcoming picture day at Crestview Middle School on March 15

Upcoming picture day at Crestview Middle School on March 15

Upcoming picture day at Crestview Middle School on March 15

Six Rebel Wrestlers Advance to Round 3 at Districts; Hardenbrook and Talbert Qualify for State

District Results, Courtesy of The Morning Journal

Two Rebel Wrestlers Advance to State

Crestview’s Andrew Hardenbrook (145) finished in third place after winning a 7-5 decision over Beau Lefever of Mapleton. Landon Talbert (195) took a fourth place finish after losing a 6-3 decision to Ryan Boyle of Rootstown. (Wonner, Pelino, Houser, and Stratton all advance to Round 3 at Districts)


Family Math Night

Family Math Night

All Elementary Students are Invited to Family Math Night!

Congratulations CMS 8th Graders on a Great Job at YSU Math Counts!

Crestview Middle School placed 6th overall in the Math Counts Competition at YSU on Thursday, February 8th!  We have 2 students who qualified for the state competition in Columbus on Saturday, March 10th!! Congratulations!!!

Softball Sip and Paint & Cornhole February 24, 2018


Do you like to paint? Do you like to know others in the community? Do you like softball. Click this LINK to learn more about Sip and Paint and Cornhole. All proceeds benefit our HS Girls Softball Team! PAYMENT LINK

Superintendent Advisory Meeting 1/17/18 @ 7:00 PM


Please call the Superintendent's office at 330-482-5526 if you would like to attend. Meetings are every other month on the third Wednesday of the month. The committe is a sharing session of open dialogue. The next MEETING IS 1/17/18 2 7:00 PM in the Family and Consumer Arts room.

CMS Night at the Texas Roadhouse

CMS Night at the Texas Roadhouse

Tuesday, January 9th


10% of all sales go to CMS Washington, D.C. field trip for 8th grade

*Print out the flyer or show the flyer on your cell phone!


Knights of Columbus free Throw Contest Postponed 1/6/18

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest Postponed Saturday 1/6/18

HS Band and Choir Concert Re-scheduled for 1/7/18 @ 3:00PM



The Concert Scheduled for December 13, 2017 was postponed due to weather. The Grades 8 -12 Band and HS Choir will be performing their winter selections at 3:00PM in the PAC on Sunday January 7, 2018. The concert is FREE! We look forward to seeing everyone as we are blessed to hear these wonderful performers!

2 hour delay

Crestview Local Schools operating on a 2 hour delay 01/03/2018



The Good Sport



Mrs. Dangerfield was ONE incentive for the PTO fundraiser. On the day before break, some of the students got to Silly String their principal. Thank you students and PTO for doing so much for the school. Thank you Mrs. Dangerfield for being a good sport!



Santa Visits Preschool Family Night

Special Thanks to the Preschool teachers for planning a family night in December! We have expanded from one class to three and had over 60 students and families attend family night. The group even got a special cvisit from the jolly fellow from the North Pole. 










Searching for a Varsity Girls Soccer Head Coach

Crestview High School (Columbiana Co.) is currently searching for a Varsity Girls Soccer Head Coach. Please submit statement of interest and resume to Crestview High School, c/o Laura Nappi 44100 Crestview Rd Columbiana, OH 44408 by Friday, December 15, 2017.


Upcoming Board Meetings: Time Changes



The December 13, 2017 School Board meeting will be moved until 4:30 PM due to the HS band concert. The meeting will take place in the High School Cafeteria at this special time.

The January 10, 2018 School Board Meeting will be moved to Crestview Elementary School Cafeteria at 5:00 PM. The board will start at 5:00 PM with its orgainizational meeting and then will immediatley follow with its regular meeting. The Elementary Building Leadership Team will be presenting on its progress at this meeting. The meetings will not be in the PAC until April due to the stage being prepared for Disney Beauty and the Beast. A full schedule for the year will be published after the orgainizational meeting on January10, 2018.

1st Annual Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival has been postponed. Please check back for the rescheduled date.


December Breakfast and Lunch Menus Posted
December Informagram Now Posted
Rebel Run Rocks in the Rain

Thank you to Nurse Janet for all her hard work organizing the Rebel Run! Special thanks to a long list of volunteers for assisting  the Rebel Run! Our runners and walkers went through all kind of weather elements! Thank you all for working on the wellness of the Rebel Nation!


HS Kitchen News

The Coffee Shop is NOW open mornings before school until spring break! The after school snack line will be closed Monday November 20 & 22, 2017. The after school program will start again on 11-28-17. Happy Thanksgiving!


Date Change for One Act Plays

Date Change for One-Act Plays

Crestview High School will present One-Act Plays on Monday, November 20 at 6:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center.  Students from each grade level will perform.

Price $6.00 adults $4.00 students

One Act Plays

Basketball Pasta Tip Off Dinner November 18, 2017

Tip off the season with Great Food and Company. INFORMATIONAL FLYER



Election Day Tuesday

Four Community Members vie for 2 Board of Education Seats!

Information provided by an article in The Mourning Journal  10-29-17.  Click on blue link for the article!





November Informagram Now Posted
Crestview @ South Range Pre-Sale Ticket Information 11-3-17


Pre-sale tickets will be on sale Thursday 1 - 4 pm and Friday 7 am - 2 pm for Friday night's playoff game at South Range. Game time 7:30 p.m.

Pre-sale tickets are $8 for everyone and tickets at the gate are $9 for everyone


November Breakfast and Lunch Menus Posted
Crestview Boys Basketball Youth Clinic Nights

Are you a boy in Grades 3 - 6? Do you want to get better at basketball? Boys Coach Jeff Wilson and his staff will will be conducting youth clinics soon. Click Here to get a flyer and more information



Crestview Music Department Performs In Chicago

The Crestview Bands and Choirs performed in Chicago the weekend of October 21, 2017. The 3 day trip provided a variety of performances and some sightseeing. The Choir performed at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Band performed at Northwestern University. Below are pictures from Northwestern and Skydeck!


b   s

Rebel Run 5K Race and 2 Mile Fun Walk

Crestview Local School District
Rebel Run
5K Race and 2 Mile Fun Walk
Saturday, November 18, 2017

Registration Form

Rebel Run Map

5k Walk Run


Girl Youth Basketball Players Needed (K-3)

"The Lady Rebels basketball program is now accepting registration for 'Lady Rebel Hoops,' a program for Crestview girls in grades K-3. The program will be divided into two divisions, K-1 and 2nd-3rd. Practice will begin in December and will be directed by the Lady Rebels high school coaching staff and players. Cost to play is $25, which includes a reversible jersey. To register, please submit a registration form to the elementary office by November 3rd, or contact Coach Blatch at 330-853-1943." 


Beauty and the Beast Tickets Go on Sale Feb 20th @ 8:00 AM (Online)









Reserved Seating ONLY! $10.00 Adult; $8.00 Student Presale. All tickets $12.00 at the door! Presale Discount ends on 3-15-18 @ 7:00 PM! After that time, all tickets $12.00!

Performances March 16, 17, 18 in the PAC!

You are a difference maker! Be the difference!


Dear Students:

On March 14, 2018 students are asked to speak up. At Crestview,we will hold an assembly and kindness activities as a start to ending violence. Please don't let one day define you! What do you do everyday? You have a chance to stop school violence daily. It is about treating people with respect and dignity. You make a difference every time you reach out to someone that may be struggling. Please take a few minutes to read an article from a retired teacher. Our best defense is you! I had a very special person give me this article. i hope that you take time to read it!

GO REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Town Hall Meeting 2 & 3 : Vision 2020: Community, Unity, Opportunity



The Ohio School Facilities Commission  has released their report on the conditions of our school facilities. The state has spent 12 months studying the buildings and has completed the information. We will have an informational meeting to go over the report with the community. We will hold several meetings and coffee houses so that we can address questions and be transparent as we move forward together.  Here is the first meeting information.

TownHall Meeting 2

Who: District, Share State OFCC Report

When: 5/14/18

Where: Crestview High School Cafeteria

Time: 5:00 PM


TownHall Meeting 3

Who: District, Share State OFCC Report

When: 6/1/18

Where: Crestview Performing Arts Center

Time: 9:00 AM

Gatlin Show Ticket Information 8/30/18 @ 7:00PM

Do you want to sit in the first 4 rows closest to the stage? Then you need a combo ticket. You get a spaghetti dinner and Gatlin show ticket for $20.00. These are the best seats in the auditorium! Some seats remain in rows C & D. You can only get these tickets in the Board of Education Office.  Center row tickets are also available from Band, Football, and Soccer players. Otherwise you can order TICKETS ONLINE! All Tickets the day of the show go from $12.00 to $15.00!


Get The Facts: Town Hall 9/13/18 @ 7:00 PM



Crestview Arts & Crafts Show

Crestview Arts & Crafts Show Registration Form

Please join us for

Crestview Arts & Crafts Show

Sponsored by Crestview Student Council

Crestview High/Middle School

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

We celebrate “something for everyone!”  If you have something to sell, we encourage you to participate. All are welcome: Crafts, Holiday and Seasonal Decor, Direct Vendors, Jewelry, Baked Goods, Apparel Items & Accessories!

We also feature a Silent Auction, Performances by the Crestview Band, Chorale, and so much more.

The Band Boosters will sell concessions.

For more information, please call (330)482-4744, email ahall@crestviewlocal.k12.oh.us


craft show

CMS Drama Club Presents Disney's "High School Musical Jr."


High School Musical Jr.

Crestview Middle School Drama Club presents Disney's "High School Musical Jr." on Friday, February 2nd @ 7:00pm

Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical comes to life on your stage in Disney’s High School Musical JR. Troy, Gabriella and the students of East High must deal with issues of love, friends and family while balancing their classes and extra curricular activities. 

Click here to order your "High School Musical Jr." Tickets Online

Pre-Sale Ticket Prices: Adults- $5, Students- $3, 4 & Under get in free!

**All tickets $6 at the door**

Box Office Pre Sale Tickets

Beauty and the Beast

If you have not been able to purchase your tickets online yet, or would prefer to handle it in a face to face transaction, please come to the PAC lobby during one of the following times.   

The kids are working SO HARD and it's going to be a fabulous weekend!  I hope you can join us.  


The pre-sale dates will be:

Thursday, March 1st from 5 pm to 8 pm

Wednesday, March 7th from 5 pm to 8 pm

Monday, March 12th from 5 pm to 8 pm

Tuesday, March 13th from 5 pm to 8 pm

Wednesday, March 14th from 5 pm to 8 pm

Online sales are still possible at:


Vision 2020 Building Project



If you are interested in getting the word out about a potential building project through OFCC. If you are interested in securing a strong future for our students, then we invite you to attend a meeting.  An organizational meeting will be held on Monday May 7, 2018 @ 5:30 PM in the Family and Consumer Science Room (Home EC). Please enter through door 9. The meeting will be no more than an hour. 

Thank you in advance for your time

Natasha Salmen and Crestview Volleyball in the Spotlight


Our new league, the All American Conference, has a tremendous website! In the first fall segment, they featured Natasha and the Rebs. READ MORE

Youth Wrestling Sign-ups


Crestview Takedown Club will be holding their Youth Wrestling sign-up and introduction to Wrestling Clinics on October 23 and 25 at the High School Cafeteria from 6 – 7 PM.  Not sure if wrestling is for you?  Come try it out on October 23 and 25.  The introduction to wrestling clinic is free and open to any boy or girl in the 2nd through 6th grade.   Youth wrestling sign-ups will be held both nights of the introduction clinic.  Cost for registration is $75 and includes instruction, 7 Sunday “Tournaments” and a T-shirt.  Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning November 6 from 6 -7:30 PM in the High School Cafeteria.  Sunday “Tournaments” will be held at Beaver Local on December 2, 9, & 17 and January 6.  Crestview will host the Sunday “Tournaments” on January 13, 20, and 27.  Be sure to follow Crestview Takedown Club on Facebook.


There will be a parents meeting for all wrestling parents, Youth, Junior High, and High School in the Middle School Cafeteria immediately following “Meet the Team” on Thursday, November 15.  It is important that all parents attend.  This will kick off our fundraisers of wrestling spirit wear and pepperoni rolls.  Be sure to follow Crestview Takedown Club on Facebook.

Homecoming Ceremonies Friday; Student Dance Saturday

The Crowning Ceremony will take place preceeding the basketball Game tonight with South Range. Come early for the festivities! The dance will be tomorrow!



Elementary Students Celebrate Kindness

The week of January 22, 2018 the Elementary Students Celbrated Kindness Week. They sent cards to people and even created songs to thank people. Listen in one from our Grade 4 students!



Crestview Rebels Alumni Basketball Game

"The Lady Rebels basketball program will be hosting three alumni basketball games on Friday, April 13th. A Women's Alumni Game will begin at 5:30. A 30 and Over Men's Alumni Game will follow, and the night will finish with an Under 30 Men's Alumni Game. The event is open to anyone who attended Crestview Local. The cost to play is $12, which includes a T-shirt. To register, please contact Aaron Blatch at 330-853-1943 by March 23rd."


May Lunch Menus Now Posted
Performing Arts Manager Needed



The Crestview Local Schools are looking for a Performing Arts Center Manager. The person will help run the sound board and events in the center for the 2018 - 2019 school year! The position is a supplemental contract. A job description is on file in the Superintendents Office. Please email inquiries to Cindy Schmidt at cschmidt@crestviewlocal.k12.oh.us


Boys Basketball Hog Drawing 8/20/18


Help out Boys Basketball and have a chance to fill up your freezer! INFORMATION

Will my tax go up on the new bond issue if property values rise over the length of the bond issue?

The answer is No, The auditor is limited to collecting the yearly payment only.

Here is the explanation from School Treasurer Charlene Mercure.

 If the collections on the bond issue are in excess of what is needed, then the bond issue millage is reduced to ensure that there is not an excess of collections. The county auditor works with the school district to make sure this is not the case.  A school district is not allowed to collect more than is needed to make the bond payments. Thus, if property values increase and collection on taxes exceeds what is necessary to make the bond payments, the millage would be reduced.


Wrestlers Win Buck Bailey Tournament!
Echoes of Change

Join us for a panel discussion about civil rights history and current issues facing our nation. Dr. Tiffany Anderson from Youngstown State University will moderate the panel consisting of Dr. Gwen Middlebrooks and Dr. Lonnie King from Atlanta, GA, and Mrs. Janice Kelsey and Mr. Alvin Wesley both from Birmingham, AL.

Come hear first-hand accounts of the Children’s March in Birmingham and sit-ins and other protests in Atlanta, GA.

This event will be at the Crestview High School Performing Arts Center from 6-8pm. It is free and open to the public.

This event is generously sponsored by the Columbiana Community Foundation.

Facebook Event Page


Are you interested in Before or After School care for 2018 - 2019 school year?



The Crestview Local Schools is working with the YMCA to offer before or after care for elementary students for the 2018 - 2019 school year. The program will be run by the YMCA and hosted here at school. Parents would pay tyhe YMCA directly for service. No Crestview Educational dollares will be used for this service.

Please click on the link below to take a very very short survey to assist us in determining interest!


One Call 8/30/2018

Good Morning!

We just wanted to let you know that all transport students will be picked up at Exit 5 today, which is at the west end of the building, due to tables in the PAC for the events tonight.  We will resume dismissal at the main entrance tomorrow.  Parents should park in the front parking lot when picking up students- please do not line up like when dropping off in the mornings.  We also want to remind you that the spaghetti dinner will be tonight from 4-6:30pm in the middle school cafeteria with a Chinese auction and 50/50 raffle also taking place, followed by the Gatlin show at 7:00pm in the PAC- tickets can be purchased at the door for all of the events!  We hope to see you there!

Students ask Superintendent Questions about the Future of the District


The Superintendent of the Crestview Schools has been meeting with students semi-annually to allow students an opportunity to ask questions and to have dialogue on the future of the district. The district also has a student board member assigned to the board to ask questions and allow communication between the students and the school board. Also, students serve on the Superintendent Advisory Board and on the District's Strategic Planning team. In addition, Mr. Manley has also been meeting with community groups through coffee houses  to assist in planning for district needs. Mr. Manley credits a "coffee house" at a local farm in 2016 as being instrumental in having dialogue and planning to expand preschool at the elementary.

The link below is the meeting held with students on September 26, 2018. The students asked many insightful questions. VIDEO Move the red cursor to hear the whole talk as Mr. Manley announces that Crestview is ranked 32nd by the State of Ohio for its quality of education. There are about 700 schools in Ohio.


Brittany Coblentz 1st Reb Bowler to Qualify for Districts


Boys Basketball: Lottery Fundraiser

Pennsylvania Lottery 3 digit for month of April.   You pick your own number.  Hit straight.  Sunday through Friday$50 dollar winner, Saturdays, $100 dollar winner. You can win multiple times.   All proceeds benefit Crestview Boys Basketball.  


3 Rebel Seniors in 97 percentile in Nation on ACT and SAT


Seniors Danny Moore, Lauren Cook, and Tyler Diedrick were recognized at the county Senior Honors Breakfast. The trio are in the the 97 th percentile or better on college entrance exams. Crestview has the most students in the county with this elite distinction; thus, they were recognized as "Heads Above The Rest." All three will attend West Virginia University next fall.

Meet the Team...Fall Sports


We invite the community to attend Meet the Team Night on Monday August 13, 2018 at 6:30 PM in the Performing Arts Center. The HS has freshman focus beginning at 5 and that event will be completed by 6:30 PM

Meet the 2018 Fall Cheerleaders, Band,and Athletes.



One View Now Open For Athletic Parents Only!



Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are writing to notify you of a new, online parent portal called OneView. OneView is where you will find the district’s annual student forms that previously would have been turned in on paper the first week of school. We are requesting that you take a moment to visit the OneView portal at [Oneview Parent Portal Link] and create your own account.


Click the  INSTRUCTIONS for Option #2  to assist you in this process. The ID number is the students lunch number and will be found on their last report card. You can also get that information from your child's school office!

The electronic, online forms (Student Health Form, Emergency Contacts, etc) are available immediately.  It would be very helpful if families could complete the online forms this week. 

If you have questions, please contact the District at 330-482-5526

Thank you,
School Administration


Student Workers Needed: Community Service: Spaghetti Dinner & Gatlin Show


Dear HS & MS Students:

We need you!!!! We have a Benefit Night on August 30, 2018. The Nashville Recording Group, the Gatlin Show will perform here on August 30, 2018. All show proceeds benefit the music and athletic departments. We need ushers and greeters. We need workers for the benefit dinner and Chinese Auction too. Please sign up for a time slot! We need you!!!!


October 2018 Informagram

CHS Annual Art Show

Opening Reception: March 16th 5-6:30 MS cafeteria

CHS art students are proud to present their artistic talent from the 2017-18 school year. Join us for a relaxing evening celebrating our students’ creative achievement. Be sure to cast your vote for the viewer’s choice award, voting will take place on Friday night from 5-6:30. The show will remain on display Saturday and Sunday during the musical performances.


Rebel Run 2018

Crestview Local School District            

Rebel Run

5K Race and 2 Mile Fun Walk

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Online Payment

Organized and managed by the Crestview Rebels Embracing Wellness Health Team and the Crestview Track Team.

The proceeds from this year’s Rebel Run will benefit 2 organizations:

The 4Cs (Crestview Community Churches Concern) & The Crestview Track Team.


Location/Course: Start & Finish—Crestview High School, 44100 Crestview Rd., Columbiana, OH 44408

Run and Walk are conducted on separate courses.

Time: 7:30AM Registration

8:30AM 5K Race (Runners only) and 2 Mile Fun Walk






February Informagram Now Posted
March Informagram Now Posted
Crestview Local Alumni Association 2018

Reservation Form


Crestview Local Alumni Association, Inc.
Banquet Reservation Form
Saturday, May 19, 2018
Crestview Local Performing Arts Center
Columbiana, Ohio
Doors will open at 4:30 PM for registration, socializing & tours of the facility.
Banquet activities commence at 5:00 PM
Activities to Include:
Induction of the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2018,
Alumni Scholarship Presentations, Recognition of the Graduating Class of 1968,
Annual Alumni Membership Meeting
Send Reservations to: Crestview Local Alumni Association, Inc.
c/o Kristen Miller, Alumni Secretary
44100 Crestview Road, Suite A
Columbiana, Ohio 44408
(330) 482-5526 E-mail - alumni@crestviewrebels.org
(Please make checks payable to: Crestview Alumni Association)

Crestview High/ MS School Bell Schedule

Attention: New start and dismissal times


Fall Homecoming

Order your Fall Homecoming Dance tickets here.


The Homecoming Dance is on October 6th from 7-10 p.m. in the high school gym. The theme is a 50s diner.

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest Re-scheduled for 2/3/18

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest is open to boys and girsl ages 9 - 14. (Age based as of Jan 1, 2018) The contest will start at 10:00 AM in the high school gym on February 3, 2018.  Come on out and test your skill!


Echoes of Change: Civil Rights History @ Crestview 3/22/18

Crestview Local Schools,Youngstown State University, and The Columbiana Community Foundation will host a public event to hear first hand accounts of the Civil Rights Movement. The lecture will be an Oral History of our country's Civil Rights History. Funds are provided through various grants and is being coordinated by High School English Teacher, Mrs. Jackie Mercer. The FREE event will begin at 6:00 PM on 3/22/18.  This is a  once in a lifetime experience to have History Come Alive! CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS!


Student Athlete: Danny Moore

Student-Athlete: Danny Moore

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) - Crestview senior Danny Moore knows how to light up a room. 

He's a special talent for the Rebels, with a great personality. Danny's on track to graduate with 11 varsity letters in five different sports. Plus, he's a top-notch student, earning him the honor of our "33 Student-Athlete of the Week".

"Winning is very important to me," said Moore. "And bettering myself is even more important."

Danny is always up for a challenge. He's a versatile athlete at Crestview and State qualifier at the indoor track meet earlier this year. Danny's a big part of the relay teams and is team captain for the second straight season. 

"I think my main role on the track team is keeping everybody loose. because like I said, track is torture. when you think about it, running in circles is pretty torturous. so track is all about having fun. 

Danny's passion and positive outlook carried over to the football field, where he was an All-County safety. He helped lead Crestview to two playoff appearances in the past three seasons. 

"In football, I just poured everything I could into every play because I just wanted to win," said Moore.

"And for track, I mean it's 100%, because I want to win and I want to be one of those guys that they're like, man he was pretty crazy."

See the CR Everywhere!

The Crestview Athletic Department will paint the CR logo on your driveway or anywhere you desire. Let's show community pride and let everyone that drives through the community know where they are! We will even make road trips to those not living in the district. Remember that anywhere you are... makes it THE HOME OF THE REBELS!.  Click HERE for more information.


Homecoming Week: Many Activities Planned


Welcome Home: 

There will be many activities planned through the week of October 2, 2018

Monday October 1 - Girls Soccer Home

Tuesday October 2 - Boys Soccer and VB Home

Wednesday October 3 -  Blood Drive; Community Bonfire @ 7:00 PM by Softball Field Parking Lot

Thursday October 4 - Behind the Scenes Informational Tour with Jay Radman, Director of Maintenance - 6:00 PM (Start at Board Office. Walking tour to learn first hand about the roof, heating, and septic of the current buildings. The tour will include information from the state assessment.

Friday October 5  - Homecoming Game 7:00 PM

Saturday October 6 - Homecoming Dance in the Evening

February Breakfast and Lunch Menus Posted
March Breakfast and Lunch Menus Posted




Who: 27 middle schools teams from northeast Ohio (Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage, Stark, Summit, and Tuscarawas counties)

What: The finals for the 9-week 2018 Northeast Ohio Genius Challenge: The 2018 Genius Challenge – “Excursion Earth.” Design a fleet of luxury planes, and plot a vacation from Akron-Canton airport with seven exotic stops.

Where: Canton Cultural Center for the Arts (1001 Market Ave North, 44702) When: Thursday April 12, 6 – 8 pm
The Presenting Sponsor: KeyBank

The Background: To demonstrate the power of teaching art and science together, AiS began the Genius Project in 2015 with just 20 middle schools from one county. This year there are 350 students and 70 teams from six counties.

Team Coached by Mrs. Jodi Wilcox

Thank you PTO: Coming Summer 2018....

We would like to thank PTO for raising money to modernize our front sign. The middle section will get LED panels and will be programmable from a computer. Thank you  for your donation so that we can highlight our kids, programs, and community!


Gatlin Show: Benefit Concert for Crestview Music and Athletics 8/30/18 @7:00 PM



Daryl and Andrea Gatlin have performed over 11 times and at the Grand Ole Opry. They have a top 40 single 'No Sir" and will be performing a benefit concert for the Crestview Music and Athletic departments. They have performed with Reba McEntire, Alabama, and other famous groups All ticket purchases benefit Crestview High School Music and Athletic Departments. The Music of the Gatlin Show ranges from country to classical and they take requests!

When: August 30, 2018

Where: Crestview Performing Arts Center

Tickets: $12.00 Presale Only. Presale ends on August 29th @11:00 PM. Day of the Show... All tickets $15.00. Box Office opens at 5:00 PM day of the Show!

* Blue Seats are Handicapped




August 2018 Informagram
What will the School Bond Issue Cost me?


The short of it is about $100.00 a year on a 100,000 home. We advise everyone to check with the county auditor for specific questions. Your situation may be less or more based on the Homestead Exemption or CAUV, etc..

The total mills are 2.93 mills. Our actual cost for the building only is 2.43 mills. The state requires .05 mills additional for permanent improvement. This is required, so when repairs are needed down the road, there is money available without returning to the voters. The term "mill" is confusing and the average citizen is concerned only about dollars. Here is what is certified by the auditor and it should help make it clear what an average citizen would pay in dollars. AUDITOR ESTIMATE

If you have any questions, please call Mr. Manley, Superintendent at 330-482-5526.

Lady Rebels Basketball Sponsors Princess & Pirates Day 2/10/18


Saturday Febuary 10, 2018 from 11-1 at Crestview Elementary you can let your inner self be a Princess or a Pirate. Proceeds from the day benefit Lady Rebels Basketabll. Click HERE for more information! Tickets are cheaper during pre-sale!

Academic Challenge Wins County... Advances to Regional



CMS and University of Mount Union: A Special Relationship!



Watch this video to see see how our Grade 6 students work with pre student teachers at the University of Mount Union! 


April Lunch Menus Now Posted
Kindness Matters


Kindness Matters! Hear it from our kids for our community. Pay it Forward! Put others First!


Athletic Passes for Sale: Passes Save Money!


Fall Sports 2018 sees Crestview student athletes competing in two different leagues depending on which sport.

Volleyball will compete in OVAC and AAC, Football in OVAC along with hosting 7 home football games! Boys and Girls Soccer will compete in AAC and Cross Country will run at the Suburban League meets.

The new leagues dictate the prices we sell our tickets for during regular season games and all adult varsity sports will be $7 at the gates. Pre-sale tickets for home football games will remain the same prices as last year, on the day of the game. The increase in ticket prices causes an increase in pass prices for all sports.

Ticket and pass prices and general information  can be found at http://www.crestviewrebels.org/Athletics

Passes for fall sports can be purchased the following dates and times:

8/10/18 5 pm - 7 pm at the CHS Football Stadium prior to the high school scrimmage

8/13/18 noon - 7 pm in the AD office by the middle school

8/14/18 9 am - 4 pm in AD office 

8/20/18 noon - 3 pm in AD office

8/21/18 noon - 3 pm in AD office


If you need to make other arrangements to purchase passes, please call the Athletic Dept Office at 330 893 3116 

Stay Informed on the Bond issue through Social Media


The Crestview Schools Levy Committee comprised of citizens of the community, will be keeping the community updated throughout the fall. You can follow the levy committee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





After Prom Committee to Sponsor Night at the Races

February 10th...... The Crestview After Prom Committee will sponsor a Night at the Races. You can help by attending and or sponsoring a horse.The event will occur on Saturday February 10th at Social 45 in Lisbon. The night starts at 6:00 PM and music follows at 9:00 PM. The event has a minimum age of 18 years or older. If you wish to sponsor a horse or need more information, please click on the blue link.




Crestview Wrestler & Singer Dazzles the crowd with the National Anthem

We are blessed with multi-talented students. Our kids do multiple activities and transcend boundaries. This past week-end we won our first OVAC Wrestling Championship. One of our student athletes sang the National Anthem. He represents a group of 1300 multi talented people. We will continue to work together so students can have diverse experiences. The video highlights Landon Talbert, a wrestler and singer. If this doesn't bring you chills, then we better take your pulse! 





Kindergarten and Preschool Registration

kindergarten registration

Crestview Local School District is announcing Kindergarten registration for the 2018-19 school year — April 11, 2018

Kindergarten registration and screening will be held at the Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, April 11th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. To be eligible for Kindergarten your child must be five years old prior to September 30, 2018. State law requires kindergarten experience prior to attending first grade. Please complete the form below and return it to the elementary office. Parents will receive a registration packet with their scheduled appointment time in March 2018. You may call the school office with any questions at 330-482-5370. 


April 2018 Informagram now posted
Community, Unity, Opportunity: Vision 2020


On Tuesday April 24, 2018, the Crestview Local Schools presented the a report on the status of district  school buildings which was conducted by the Ohio Facilities Construction Committee. We began these discussion over a year ago and the report is now complete. The OFCC group is comprised of architects, engineers, and tradesmen who have many years of experience with construction. The report indicates that the schools need $8.900,000 of immediate replacements of the heating system, roofs, and septic and over 30 million dollars in total repair and replacement costs.

The commission will not remodel existing buildings because the cost to renovate is near the cost to build new. The commission will provide assistance for a new building; however, it will not help with current buildings. Therefore, without state help we would need to seek 8.9 million of local money for patchwork or seek  five million in local money in order to get  37 million dollars in state revenue to build a new pre K - 12 facility. We then would build a new 42 million dollar building for 5 million dollars of local money. This is the most fiscally sound recommendation for the long term good fo the Crestview Local Schools.


Voter Registration Ends October 9. 2018


Please remember that if you have not yet register to vote, you still have time.


Also anyone can request to vote absentee...Vote at Home! 


Spain and France in 2019

Crestview students interested in traveling to Spain and France in 2019 can find information at the following web address and should contact Mrs. Hall

Travel to France & Spain

Summer 2019

Enroll Today!


Email Mrs Hall ahall@crestviewlocal.k12.oh.us for more information


Spain Flyer

Crestview Student Publishes 1st book: Jenna LeFebrve Amazon Author

  During the month of November, students who have Mrs.Valingo's Creative Writing class participates in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). While most students do not complete a whole novel, some do! Jenna LeFebvre was one of those who completed a novel. Her work is available now on Amazon! How AWESOME AND CONGRATUALTIONS!!!  BOOK


Rebel Cheerleaders Excel at Camp: Cheerleaders picked to Perform at Citrus Bowl


Group Picture: front: Araya Shaffer and Meadow Balmat; 2nd row: Adeline Whaley, Delaney Kacenski, Carly Mustake, Ally Beight, Lexi Bregar, and Sophia Wycoff; 3rd row: Kendall Hancox, Adysin Mercer, Breanna Tucker, Sheridan Ball, Trishelle Sienerth, Maddy Beight, Grace Forinash, and Reagan Heater.


Crestview High School Cheerleaders from Columbiana, OH were recently recognized as recipients of the Premiere Cheer Camps Award of Excellence at their summer cheer camp hosted by the national private cheer camp company, Premiere Cheer Camps.

The team was selected by Premiere Cheer Camps Staff based on their outstanding sportsmanship, spirit, and growth in the areas of cheer throughout camp. Premiere Cheer Camps is a National Cheer Camp Company, serving thousands of coaches and athletes each year. This squad demonstrated remarkable attributes which qualified them for this unique honor.

Crestview cheerleaders will be featured on the Premiere Cheer Camps national website in recognition of this achievement. Each squad member received an individual ribbon as well as the Premiere Cheer Camp Award of Excellence Team Certificate.


September 2018 Informagram
Dr. Ray Guarendi, Clinical Psychologist

Crestview Local Schools invites you to attend a special presentation with renowned Dr. Ray Guarendi, Clinical Psychologist, on Wednesday, September 26 at 7:00 PM!

Dr. Ray has been a Clinical Psychologist for over 40 years, as well as a television host, radio host, author, and public speaker. You may be familiar with his best selling book, You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!. We invite you to hear Dr. Ray share realistic and applicable parenting advice that can transform your relationship with the special children in your life.
We hope to see you at the Performing Arts Center at Crestview Local School District on Wednesday, September 26 at 7:00. There will be a drawing for prizes!
Crestview Local School District
44100 Crestview Road
Columbiana, OH 44408

dr ray

Town Hall Video: Stay Informed: Get the Facts


Dear Rebel Nation:

We had requests to record the first town hall meeting from 9/13/18. Please click the link below to view the video in its entirety. There were many questions asked and the responses are recorded. The second link is for the most commonly asked questions with a written response. You may email the Superintendent at mmanley@crestviewlcoal.k12.oh.us with questions or call 330-482-5526 with any questions.





January Breakfast and Lunch Menus Posted
Winter Homecoming Tickets here!


Purchase your Winter Homecoming Tickets here!

Go to "Purchase tickets online" and then you can either make an account or sign in as a guest. 

Pay with a credit card and have a QR card on your phone to scan in the night of homecoming! 


When do we make up a snow day?






The Crestview Local Schools this year will physically make-up days with students after 8 closures or calamity days during the 2017 - 2018 school year. We currently are at 5 closures. We are now on hours. In the past the state gave 5 snow days. In years where the winters were harsh, the state sometimes waived the extra days to make-up. This is sometimes confusing, but for this year we wanted our community to know where we are at.

If we hit 8 days of closure and have a ninth, then that ninth day would be made up the Monday after Easter in accordance with our school calendar. Our hope is that we will not even need to address make-up days. We do encourage you to have your child read on any days off. Our teachers are busy preparing lessons, reading educational articles, grading, preparing their classroom and perfecting their craft during these closure days.  Learning is an opportunity and we still need to grow our students. It is just sometimes, the weather makes it unsafe for our buses to travel.


Catch Rebel Sports on YSN


Catch live and recorded highlights on YSN

Substitute Bus Drivers Needed!


Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

Crestview Local School District is accepting applications for persons interested in substitute school bus driving on an as needed basis.  CDL license with SP endorsement is required.  Training is available at no cost.  Applications are available online at www.crestviewrebels.org or in person at administrative offices, 44100 Crestview Road, Columbiana, Ohio.  Completed applications can be mailed to administrative offices or emailed to: cschmidt@crestviewlocal.k12.oh.us

Rebel Wrestling OVAC 3A Champs!!!


Over the weekend, the wrestling team competed and won the OVAC Championships.

  • Landon Talbert placed second,
  • Andrew Hardenbrook and Dakota Stratton placed 4th
  • Trey Wonner placed 6th.

The Rebels placed 9th overall as a team out of 41 teams and first in division 3A . 

Crestview also was awarded the Team Sportsmanship Award given to only one team at the tourney!

Rebel Fire Ring Raffle: Tickets on Sale at Home FB Games Only


Get a chance to win a classy and awesome Rebel Firepit. I can taste those smores now! Raffle Chances will only be available at HS Varsity Games and the Community Bonfire! Stop by the New School Poster and informational table just inside the gate to purchase your chances. Thank you to Metal Master Custom Art for the donation of the pit. We have Home FB Games on 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, and 10/5. The drawing will occur on 10/5, the Homecoming Game, at the beginning of the third quarter. The winner need not be present. Ticket chances are:

1 for $1

6 for $5

13 for $10

30 for $20

Proceeds Benefit Vision 2020 Crestview Levy, Diane Hart Treasurer

Stay Informed: Informational Meetings Abound


There will be several meetings this fall focusing on The Future of the Crestview Local Schools.The community has an opportunity for assistance from the State of Ohio to secure sound facilities and save taxpayers millions in current & future dollars. The district can build a new facility for less than the cost of needed repairs of the current building. In fact, the state will pay for 88% of a new facility. Imagine, being offered a new home for 88% off the sale price, and this new home is cheaper than the repairs of the current home. There will be many informational meetings this fall, so come out and get the facts.

There will be two types of  meetings this fall. The first is a town hall.  A town hall will have a short PowerPoint presentation followed by a panel discussion with a question and answer session. The panel includes Eric Risinger, Architect; Jay Radman, Director of Maintenance; Jason DeCenso, Parent/Community Member;  Dr. Edward Miller, Board President; Charlene Mercure, Treasurer; and Matthew Manley, Superintendent.

The other meetings are called coffeehouses where the district comes to the community at various locations. These meetings will have informal dialogue about the future of the district. Please plan on attending a session, so that you can get accurate information.




Bond issue to be on November Ballot



July 11, 2018 Board Meeting

The Crestview Local School Board approved a resolution to put a bond issue on the November 6, 2018 ballot. This bond issue represents the Crestview Community’s share in a building project with the State of Ohio. The board vote recommends building a new Pre-k to 12 building. Crestview is eligible for 88% State funding or 38 million dollars from the State of Ohio for a new building only. The local share then would be 5.2 million dollars for new construction. The total cost of the project is 43.2 million dollars

The school board has determined this is the most fiscally responsible choice to work with the State of Ohio to build a new Pre-k to 12 building. The initiative will save the local taxpayer millions because of the assistance by the State of Ohio. The district currently needs at least 9 million dollars in emergency repairs for heating and roofing. By pursuing the project with the State, the district will NOT need a 9 million dollar emergency levy for repairs. The ballot initiative asks for 5.2 million dollars locally. The millage is yet to be certified by the County Auditor.


August / September Lunch Menu Posted
Free and Reduced Lunch Application