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Hasn't anyone done anything with the buildings along the way?


The Crestview Local Schools has an extensive maintenance plan. In fact,here are the totals for repairs and maintenance on just one area...the heating system over the last three years.

FY 2016 = $69,000

FY 2017 = $72,000

FY 18 = $46,000

Total = $188,000

At a public meetings one person said, "don't you have a maintenance plan?"  The answer is yes. Much like a homeowner, the repairs are exceeding the money we have.  As a homeowner, you would go to the bank for a home improvement or home equity loan.  As a school, we have to go to the public to  for bonds. This is why there is a bond issue on the ballot. We have not sought additional help since 1992. But unlike most homeowners, we have help with our project. The state will pay 88% of the cost of a new building, which is less than our repairs. This money from the state is from all citizens across the state including you!  This money will either stay here, or if we decline, it goes to the next district in line.  The State of Ohio WILL NOT  pay for our repairs since  the repairs are so great. What would you do as a homeowner under this circumstance? EX: Homeowner Fred Flinstone needs a new roof. His replacement roof costs $15,000 on his $100,000 home. A person knocks on the door and says, "John, I will build you a new $100,000  home if you come up with 12% or $12,000."



You asked and the Board Delivered!

The Crestview Board of Education passed a resolution adding additional accountability to the proposed bond issue. This is in addition to the checks and balances for school construction that were initiated in 1998 and after with the formation of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission by the state legislature. Crestview passed its last issue in 1992 under the guidance the Ohio Department of Education. Did you know that ODE only completed 13 buildings in over 20 years? In 1998, the OFCC was formed with design criteria. In one year alone, OFCC constructed more buildings and was alloted more resources for school construction than the Ohio Department of Education was alloted in over 20 years total. The OFCC has reconfigured or built new with over 300 public school systems since 1998. They have implemented over a 1000 page design manual to assure each area is built to the highest possible standards for quality. There are many checks and balances that are listed at the OFCC website. Read the article below for additional information on accountability on the resolution of additional local measures by the Crestview Board of Education...



Rebel Volleyball wins OVAC

Crestview VB 2018 is the first team in school history to win two championships in the same season. AAC and OVAC Champions. Watch the final seconds vs. Fort Fry.

Cross Country Places at AAC Meet

Congratulations to Joanie Wood (7th) & Jeremy Miller (5th) in AAC Cross Country meet.


Dylan Huff Crestview Football

Please vote for Dylan Huff, Columbiana Crestview Football


Also, Vote here



How does Open Enrollment Work Financially?


Open Enrollment

There is much talk about open enrollment students and how they do not pay real estate/income taxes to our district.  Technically they do not pay taxes to our district directly, however some of their local tax dollars do come to our district indirectly.  Let me give you an internal example to explain.

Crestview Arts & Crafts Show

Crestview Arts & Crafts Show Registration Form

Please join us for

Crestview Arts & Crafts Show

Sponsored by Crestview Student Council

Crestview High/Middle School

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

We celebrate “something for everyone!”  If you have something to sell, we encourage you to participate. All are welcome: Crafts, Holiday and Seasonal Decor, Direct Vendors, Jewelry, Baked Goods, Apparel Items & Accessories!

We also feature a Silent Auction, Performances by the Crestview Band, Chorale, and so much more.

The Band Boosters will sell concessions.

For more information, please call (330)482-4744, email ahall@crestviewlocal.k12.oh.us


craft show

Youth Wrestling Sign-ups


Crestview Takedown Club will be holding their Youth Wrestling sign-up and introduction to Wrestling Clinics on October 23 and 25 at the High School Cafeteria from 6 – 7 PM.  Not sure if wrestling is for you?  Come try it out on October 23 and 25.  The introduction to wrestling clinic is free and open to any boy or girl in the 2nd through 6th grade.   Youth wrestling sign-ups will be held both nights of the introduction clinic.  Cost for registration is $75 and includes instruction, 7 Sunday “Tournaments” and a T-shirt.  Practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning November 6 from 6 -7:30 PM in the High School Cafeteria.  Sunday “Tournaments” will be held at Beaver Local on December 2, 9, & 17 and January 6.  Crestview will host the Sunday “Tournaments” on January 13, 20, and 27.  Be sure to follow Crestview Takedown Club on Facebook.


There will be a parents meeting for all wrestling parents, Youth, Junior High, and High School in the Middle School Cafeteria immediately following “Meet the Team” on Thursday, November 15.  It is important that all parents attend.  This will kick off our fundraisers of wrestling spirit wear and pepperoni rolls.  Be sure to follow Crestview Takedown Club on Facebook.

Will my tax go up on the new bond issue if property values rise over the length of the bond issue?

The answer is No, The auditor is limited to collecting the yearly payment only.

Here is the explanation from School Treasurer Charlene Mercure.

 If the collections on the bond issue are in excess of what is needed, then the bond issue millage is reduced to ensure that there is not an excess of collections. The county auditor works with the school district to make sure this is not the case.  A school district is not allowed to collect more than is needed to make the bond payments. Thus, if property values increase and collection on taxes exceeds what is necessary to make the bond payments, the millage would be reduced.


Students ask Superintendent Questions about the Future of the District


The Superintendent of the Crestview Schools has been meeting with students semi-annually to allow students an opportunity to ask questions and to have dialogue on the future of the district. The district also has a student board member assigned to the board to ask questions and allow communication between the students and the school board. Also, students serve on the Superintendent Advisory Board and on the District's Strategic Planning team. In addition, Mr. Manley has also been meeting with community groups through coffee houses  to assist in planning for district needs. Mr. Manley credits a "coffee house" at a local farm in 2016 as being instrumental in having dialogue and planning to expand preschool at the elementary.

The link below is the meeting held with students on September 26, 2018. The students asked many insightful questions. VIDEO Move the red cursor to hear the whole talk as Mr. Manley announces that Crestview is ranked 32nd by the State of Ohio for its quality of education. There are about 700 schools in Ohio.


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